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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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Webinar Documents & Links:

3/21/19: Best Practices Related to Flagging Agreements

11/7/18: ​Improving Grade Crossing Safety Using Predictive Analytics and New Technology
10/18/18: Railroad Signaling 101
7/12/17: Last Mile and Terminal Area Planning
6/30/16: Amtrak State Advisory Council Meeting Presentation
5/3/16: FAA Proposes Policy Change to PFC Funding for Airport Rail Projects
 3/23/16: Amtrak State Advisory Council Meeting
3/22/16: NCHRP Report 773 Capacity Modeling Guidebook for Shared-Use Passenger & Freight Rail Operations
11/12/15: Amtrak Marketing Council Quarterly Conference Call with States
June 2015: Talking Freight Seminar on Freight Rail Safety

An audio recording/podcast (MP3 files), the PowerPoint presentations used in the seminar, and transcript are now available here. In addition, a recording of the seminar containing both the audio and visual components is available here.

The seminar is now available for AICP CM credits on the AICP CM calendar .  It is event #e.30881.  Instructions for logging your credits are attached. Please note that you must be an AICP member to obtain these credits and must have logged into the webinar with your first and last name or provided the name of others who attended with you. 

If you have problems reporting your CM credits or have general questions about the AICP CM program, please contact AICPCM@planning.org.

Applying for AICPCM Credits

05/21/15: States as Railroads Webinar
Approximately 24 States/State Sponsors of Intercity Passenger Rail participated in the States as Railroads Webinar.

11/21/14 Leadership Group: Piedmont Improvement Program

Presentation from North Carolina DOT (Paul Worley)

2014 Amtrak Update

Presentation from Amtrak (McArthur)

“Opportunities for Marketing Partnerships with Amtrak: Promoting Intercity Passenger Rail in Your State”

On July 15, 2014, more than 50 listeners from around the country participated in a webinar focused on continuing peer exchange and technical training opportunities for State DOTs, with a focus on Marketing Partnerships.  For your reference, slides are available for viewing.


  • Julia Quinn, Amtrak Director of Social Media (202-906-2136, Julia.Quinn@amtrak.com)
  • Deborah Stone-Wulf, Amtrak Chief Sales Distribution and Customer Service (202-906-3903, Deborah.Stone-Wulf@amtrak.com)
  • John Lee, Chief, Amtrak Marketing and Advertising Programs (202-906-4864, John.Lee@amtrak.com)
  • Laura Kingman, Washington State DOT Marketing Manager (360-705-7904, KingmaL@wsdot.wa.gov)

Railroading 101

The AASHTO Rail Resource Center offers technical assistance to State rail officials through a series of webinars and other online forums.  Below is a list of past webinars and links to presentations.

Webinar 1 –  Workforce Development and Best Practices for Establishing a State Rail Office

  • FRA Workforce Development Initiative: Monique Stewart, FRA
  • Rebuilding Rail Workforce: Pasi Lautala, Michigan Tech
  • Managing the Changing Needs of a Rail Office: Ron Adams, Wisconsin DOT
  • Organizing a Rail Office – Keys to Success: Tammy Nicholson, Iowa DOT
  • The Evolution of a Virginia Rail and Transit Agency: Kevin Page, Virginia DRPT

Webinar 2 – State Rail and Freight Planning

  • FRA Rail Development Program Update: Corey Hill and Scott Greene, FRA
  • State Rail Planning and MAP-21: Johnson Bridgwater, Oklahoma DOT
  • Missouri State Rail Plan: Kristine Jamison, Missouri DOT
  • Transportation Planning at Norfolk Southern: Darrell Wilson, Norfolk Southern

Webinar 3 – Equipment
Attended by over 20 States, FRA, Amtrak, transit agencies and industry leaders, the webinar focused on 305 Committee efforts, FRA standard setting and guidance on equipment as well as Amtrak’s equipment services.

Webinar 4 – AASHTO and FRA Rail Communicators

Webinar 5 – Amtrak Revenue Modeling and Demand Forecasting  Attended by over 25 States, Amtrak Marketing and Sales executives outlined the rail corporation’s strategies for forecasting service demands and applicable revenue capturing.

Railroad 202

Webinar 1 – Basics of Program Management

On May 1, 2014, over 37 participants representing 21 state departments of transportation or state rail authorities, Amtrak and the FRA participated in the AASHTO Rail Resource Center Webinar on the Basics of Program Management.

Webinar 2 – Rail Finance

On July 30, 2014, participants from around the country joined to hear a webinar on rail finance hosted by AASHTO and the 305 Committee.  Presenting was Allan Rutter, Research Specialist with the Texas A&M Research Institute.