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  • FRA Study Shows Safety Culture Growing (Railway Age)

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AASHTO Legislative Alert: Senate Passes $2T COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

Connecticut DOT Launches new Hartford Line Service

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Governor Dannel P. Malloy joined dozens of federal, state, and local officials, and Connecticut commuters to officially launch the CTrail Hartford Line for service. The passenger rail line, which has multiple stations in Central Connecticut along the I-91 corridor connecting New Haven, Hartford, and Springfield, is the first passenger rail line to open for service in Connecticut since 1990.

Virginia Celebrates Inaugural Train to Roanoke

Virginia Celebrates Inaugural Train to Roanoke 
~ Expansion of Passenger Rail Indicative of Commonwealth’s Commitment to Travel Options

ROANOKE – On October 30, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), along with Amtrak and the City of Roanoke, hosts the inaugural run of the new Amtrak Virginia service extension to Roanoke. A ceremony in downtown Roanoke begins at Noon as the train arrives with invited guests from Lynchburg and will include keynote remarks from Virginia Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne, as well as representatives from the City of Roanoke, General Assembly, and Amtrak. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the train will be open to the public for viewing.

“This is a momentous occasion for the Commonwealth of Virginia as we celebrate an expansion years in the making. We celebrate the hard work and dedication it took to see this project through from start to finish, and we celebrate Virginia’s commitment to improve the mobility of people and goods throughout the state,” said Secretary Layne.

The completion of this project is indicative of the state’s commitment to expanding transportation options to the citizens of Virginia. DRPT, in collaboration with Amtrak, the City of Roanoke, and Norfolk Southern, has worked to bring intercity passenger rail service back to the area for the first time in four decades. The Northeast Regional service will provide a same-seat trip to and from Roanoke and to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and other cities along the Northeast Corridor.

“Virginia will never stop working to expand mobility for its citizens, and the completion of this project is a great reminder that transportation is a priority in Virginia. This expansion will not only connect Virginians to other areas of the state but also positively contribute to the economy as we bring more riders into the Commonwealth,” said DRPT Director Jennifer Mitchell.

This expansion has been made possible by the Commonwealth’s over $100 million strategic investment in Norfolk Southern’s rail network and allows DRPT and Amtrak to continue a partnership to provide travel options to travelers. Full revenue service will begin the following day on Tuesday, October 31 at 6:19 AM. Tickets are available at Virginia.Amtrak.com.